Stage 9: Scopwick to Digby

START: Main Street, Scopwick. (near church)
DISTANCE: 2 3/4 miles : 4.5 kilometres


A free Stepping Out parking area is available in Vicarage Lane, Scopwick (GR069582); turn off the B1188 just north of the village centre to find it. As the footpath nears Rowston it has recently been re-routed so some OS maps may be inaccurate; follow the instructions below!

Before setting out for Digby few will be able to resist a stroll around Scopwick and alongside the beck.

When you are ready, cross the beck at a convenient footbridge opposite the church and turn left following the lane until it ends at a fieldgate. Go through the bridle gate next to it and swing right to walk up a field edge with a hedge to your right. At the field corner turn left, staying inside the hedge to reach a footbridge; turn right over it.


A clearly marked path now heads diagonally leftwards over a large arable field. At the far side there is a waymarker in a hedge and the path crosses a track to maintain its line over another field to a further way mark located to the left of a pylon seen ahead. Pass the pylon, cross a grassy track and maintain the same line towards some distant trees. As you get closer you will see that these form two woods. Aim to the right hand corner of the first one (where there is a waymarker) then bear round to the left to reach a footbridge. Cross this and turn left to join a farm track, which you should follow ahead to a road.

Cross over to where a track to a sewage works begins and turn right immediately behind the hedge – even though you may glimpse a waymarker ahead. After about 100 yards the path enters a large field through a hedge gap. Now bear slightly┬áright along the edge of rough grass towards the corner of a large barn at Manor Farm, Rowston. From a waymarker on a fence corner to the right of the barn, and another one behind it, then walk across the farmyard to a stile at the road, emerging by the old school.

Turn left following the road through Rowston village going past the church and the cross on a little green. Stay on the road for another mile to the edge of Digby village still following it as it bends right then left for the village centre and the Red Lion Inn. The church and lock-up are a short way to your right.