Stage 4: Potterhanworth to Nocton

START: St Andrew's, Potterhanworth
DISTANCE: 1 1/2 miles : 2.5 kilometres


here are limited parking facilities in Potterhanworth so wherever you leave your vehicle do so with consideration. Try around the war memorial or down nearby Barff Road. Nocton has both a village trail leaflet and a more detailed guidebook. And there is a children's trail too! (See
Set off past Potterhanworth Church towards Nocton and at the first bend leave the road to take the field path directly ahead. Walk parallel to a line of electricity poles and keeping them to your right pass to the left of a small brick hut (a pump house) and then to the left of a small wood. After the wood join a farm track at a way mark and follow it to the B1202 road. Continue (with due care) into Nocton using the available pavement as soon as you can. Shortly after the bus shelter, cross the road and keep ahead along the unsurfaced lane of The Avenue, which becomes a footpath through to the village green. The church is now a few paces distant and to your left; visit and then return to the green.