Stage 11: Dorrington to Ruskington

START: Dorrington village. (GR 082529)
DISTANCE: 1 1/4 miles : 2.0 kilometres


Only street parking is available in Dorrington so please consider village residents. Ruskington has a village trail leaflet.

The path to Ruskington begins just to the right of the 'Demons' sculpture. Climb the stile and cross two paddocks and footbridges. Then walk over an arable field aiming towards an electricity pole in the far hedge. In the next two large fields (both arable) keep ahead but stay close by, and parallel to, a row of electricity poles to reach a stile in the second field's far boundary hedge. In the next field, back on grass, walk alongside the left hand hedge and from two closely spaced stiles enter a sports ground.

Proceed along the right-hand edge, through the car park and at a road cross into the fenced path opposite. At the next road cross over and walk round to the car park area at the rear of some bungalows. Turn right and at the far end join a walled path on the left, which emerges in the centre of Ruskington directly opposite the church. Cross the road to take advantage of the seats on the bridge over The Beck.