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Recordings from villagers

These recordings from residents of Washingborough, Branston, Potterhanworth, Nocton, Dunston and Metheringham tell us what makes these villages so special.

Residents recall tales of their schooldays, village characters, local history and what life was like in a rural Lincolnshire village. Local folk singer Brian Dawson also sings some traditional folk songs.

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1. Dallas Simpson binaural track – Lincoln Cathedral to outskirts of Washingborough
6mins 58

2. Washingborough villagers (Brian Applewhite, Ros Clarke, George Croft, Ray Pullman)
28 mins 42

3. Brian Dawson singing All Jolly Fellows
2 mins 24

4. Dallas Simpson binaural track – Through Washingborough to near Cliff Farm
6 mins 58

5.  Branston villagers (Tony Camp, Sheila Cant, Dennis Creasey, Glennys Creasey, Gerald Forman, Ray Graves, Joyce Northey, Audrey Wilford)
15 mins 35

6. Dallas Simpson binaural track – From near Cliff Farm through Branston to near Longhills Hall 6 mins 59

7. Potterhanworth villagers (Ron Applewhite, Gordon Lindsey, Brenda Webster)
23 mins 59

8. Dallas Simpson binaural track – From near Longhills Hall through Potterhanworth to Nocton  village centre
6 mins 58

9. Nocton villagers (Cliff Baxendale, Catherine Capewell, Chris Howard, Sheila Redshaw, David Rumbelow)
21 mins 58

10. Brian Dawson singing Hooray For The Beer
2 mins 24

11. Dunston villagers (Bill Franklin, Dot Frank../ListenHere/lin, Frank Lamyman, Phyll Sands, Derek Sellars, Hilda Sellars)
9 mins 19

12. Dallas Simpson binaural track – From Nocton village centre through Dunston to Metheringham station
6 mins 59

13. Metheringham villagers (Mike Credland, Peter Ford, George Gray, Heather Morrison)
26 mins 04

14. Brian Dawson singing Granny’s Gone To The Fair
1 min 21

Total time 2 hours 46 mins 38 seconds.

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